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About Us

Serving the local community

About Us

Serving the local community

Marshlands Vets is a family-run veterinary practice serving the local community. We understand that pets are a member of your family and that’s why we treat them as if they were our own.

The same vet will see your pet through an illness or injury wherever possible, and we work hard to balance high-quality care with affordable prices.

Our nurses are on hand to assist the vets and advise you on general pet care. They are there to help you with all your pet healthcare concerns. They also run Life Stage Clinics specifically for dogs and cats ensuring that their health is monitored throughout their life, hopefully ensuring early detection of an illness.


Cash or Credit/Debit Card (sorry, cheques are no longer accepted).

Payment must be made at the time of treatment. Credit is not available. Outstanding accounts will be passed onto our Debt Collection Agency.


Whilst we cannot always be exact, we are happy to give estimates or the likely cost range of treatments.Where we discover that additional treatment is necessary we will do our best to contact you and seek your agreement before proceeding. Under such circumstances however our prime responsibility is to your pet.

Our Facilities

Marshlands Vets has a large range of fantastic facilities. We have great equipment to help us give your pet the best care possible as well as providing you with parking and a friendly environment.

  • Blood Pressure Monitoring
  • Dedicated Operating Theatres
  • Diagnostics
  • ECG
  • Endoscopy
  • In-house Laboratory
  • Intensive Care Unit
  • Ophthalmic Diagnostic Equipment
  • Reception Area
  • Separate Cat and Dog Wards
  • X-ray and Ultrasound

Blood Pressure Monitoring

As both cats and dogs get older they can often suffer from many ailments. These ailments can subsequently cause hypertension (increased blood pressure) which can cause many systemic problems such as blindness, heart disease, stroke and renal disease. Early diagnosis of hypertension is essential to prevent these problems from materialising.

free 10 minute appointment with one of our nurses can determine the blood pressure of your pet and therefore warn us of any underlying problems.

Dedicated Operating Theatres

We have both: a clean operating room, in which sterile surgical procedures take place e.g. abdominal and thoracic surgery and orthopaedics; and a dental suite, in which dentals and non-sterile surgical procedures take place.


The initial consultation with the Veterinary Surgeon is the most important stage of any diagnostic work involved in identifying a patient’s problem and in deciding which therapy is appropriate. A full clinical examination will be undertaken before any further decisions are made.

We are fortunate to have a high level of diagnostic equipment at our disposal which allows us to investigate problems promptly. This reduces the potential deterioration of a condition by obtaining a diagnosis quickly.


In all heart case work ups or any collapse, it is essential to perform an ECG to determine the electrical activity of the heart. An ECG can detect irregular heartbeats (arrhythmias) and can determine the size of the heart chambers.


The rigid endoscope can also be used to visualise directly nasal passages and airways. It has also been used to visualise rectal masses and the lower colon.

In-house Laboratory

Our in-house laboratory allows us to run blood samples immediately, with results obtained for most tests taking about 10 minutes. For hormonal tests, the results will be obtained on the same day. Sometimes further blood tests are required, which have to be sent to an external laboratory.

Intensive Care Unit

We are very lucky to have an intensive care unit which allows an optimal environment for any seriously ill pet. It is especially useful in dyspnoeic cats (having difficulty breathing) and in providing a warm, oxygen rich environment for newly born puppies following Caesarean section. This was kindly donated to us by a client following the care of her pets.

Ophthalmic Diagnostic Equipment

Sight is so important to our pets. We have an Indirect Ophthalmoscope, which enables us to look at the retina and other optic structures, a slit lamp to determine depth of injury or disease to the front of the eye and a digital tenometer to determine the internal pressure of the eye (this is very important in the diagnosis of glaucoma and uveitis, both of which present similarly but have completely different treatments).

Reception Area

We have a very large modern reception area with separate cat and dog waiting areas. Here you will find a selection of high quality toys, behavioural aids, bathing products, leads and collars to name just a few.

We stock a variety of food including veterinary exclusive diets. We can, however, order almost all brands of food: providing you order by 6pm it will be available for collection from the practice the following day.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to ask our reception staff where you are sure to find a welcoming response.

Separate Cat and Dog Wards

Probably the most beneficial design of the practice was to incorporate separate cat and dog wards.

Surprisingly cats do not like dogs that much and get extremely stressed if they are hospitalised in their vicinity. To further de-stress cats, we place a diffuser within the cat ward.

X-ray and Ultrasound

X-rays and ultrasounds are viewed in a special blackened out room. Both X-rays and ultrasound allow us to visualise the internal structures of the body. They work in different ways with both preferring different tissues. For example, an X-ray of the chest will give us good imagery of the appearance of the lungs and the size of the heart. However, ultrasound cannot image the lungs as they have air in them but is extremely useful to image the internal structure and workings of the heart. Along with Doppler modality of the ultrasound, measurements can be taken to determine the cause of any heart defect and therefore the optimal treatment can be given.

We also routinely perform BVA hip and elbow scoring X-rays, which can be performed under sedation whilst you wait for your dog.